HT NFL Pick’em!
Well, what do you know!  The winner for Week 9’s pick’em contest is PalamaKid, with 9 correct picks.  PalamaKid picked Seattle to beat Oakland by 21, missing the margin of victory by only five and taking the tie-breaker over marco, who takes second.  Next, with 8 correct, were manoasurfer123, Mike_Lowery, and nfl4evah.  This leaves scrivener in the lead in the weekly game (2 wins) with eight others with 1 win each.
In the cumulative game, manoasurfer123 retakes sole ownership of the lead with 82.  scrivener and oceanpacific are next with 79, followed by TimKona with 76.
To see the complete picks, click here.
To see the complete cumulative stats, click here.
Monday, November 6, 2006
Week 9:  Are You (Palama) Kidding Me?