HawaiiThreads NFL Pick’em
Week 9:  Are You (Palama) Kidding Me?
Monday, November 6, 2006
Well, what do you know!  The winner for Week 9’s pick’em contest is PalamaKid, with 9 correct picks.  PalamaKid picked Seattle to beat Oakland by 21, missing the margin of victory by only five and
Week 8:  4evah and evah!
Wednesday, November 1, 2006
With a name like nfl4evah, you knew he either knew his stuff or was going to be the joke of the game.  Turns out he knows his stuff, as he wins Week 8 outright with 10 correct of 14 picks.  
Week 7: Twice Lucky!
Monday, October 23, 2006
We have our first two-week winner, and it is scrivener!  In a week packed with upsets and nail-biters, eight wins in thirteen picks (plus the tie-breaker) was enough to claim the victory over
Week 6:  A Rattle from Kona
Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Sunday morning of Week 6 brought more than one frightening wave of energy from Kona: TimKona reminded us all that he was still in the game by taking the week (by tie-break), with 9 out of 13 in a
Week 5:  
Five Weeks, Five Winners!
Monday, October 9, 2006
For the fifth time in five weeks, we have a new winner!  Congratulations to oceanpacific, who had been lurking in the shadows all season, consistently placing near the top.  Oceanpacific’s 13
It’s the HT NFL Pick’em!  The jockstrap has been thrown down: Will you be arrogant enough to take it up?